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2009 Legislative Session 
Summary of Legislation
(other then Joint Budget Committee Budget Balancing bills)

Consumer Protections:
HB09-1141 Updated Consumer Credit Protections
Rep Ferrandino and Sen White  (Signed by Governor)
Modernizes and updates the Colorado Uniform Consumer Credit Code to ensure protect consumers from individuals trying to defraud them.

HB 09-1276 Delay Foreclosure Residential Property Rep Ferrandino and Sen. Carroll  (awaiting Governor signature)
This will provide a 90 day delay in foreclosure for people who can demonstrate that they have a good chance of reworking their loan.  This is a balanced bill that puts responsibilities on both the borrower and the lender. 

Equal Rights:
SB09-088 Domestic Partner Benefits for State Employees
Sen Veiga and Rep Ferrandino (awaiting Governor signature)
Allows the state to compete in the labor market by offering competitive benefits to employees by extended health care coverage to same-sex domestic partners.

HB 09-1260 Designated Beneficiary Agreement Rep Ferrandino and Sen Veiga   (Signed by Governor)
Creates a low cost estate planning tool for any two unmarried people.  With over 80% of Coloradans not having wills, or other estate planning tool, this will provide a way for people to take responsibility for each other.    

Health Care:
HB 1293 Medical Hospital Provider Fee Rep Ferrandino, Rep Reisberg and Sen Boyd (Signed by Governor)
Extends Medicaid and the SCHIP program to over 100,000 more people in Colorado by raising more then $1.2 billion to expend reimbursement rates for hospitals and expand coverage..

Colorado Fiscal Policy
HB 09-1269 Create a Rainy Day Fund Rep Ferrandino  (Was laid over since SB 228 created a rainy day fund)
This will setup the structure to create a 6% rainy day fund that will automatically be funded when Colorado's economy ad state revenue recovers. 

SB 09-099 State Procurement Supplies Database Sen Morse and Rep Ferrandino  (Signed by Governor)
This legislation will allow the State to create on online catalog for state procurement which will result in significant savings to the state.

HB 1363 Unemployment Compensation Enterprise Rep. Ferrandino and Sen Viega (awaiting Governor signature)
Places the Unemployment Compensation into an enterprise as defined by TABOR, which allows the state to eliminate a variable revenue source from the TABOR revenue limit.


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