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2008 Legislative Session
Summary of Legislation

Health Care Legislation:
HB08-1199 Update Tuberculosis Control Statutes
FERRANDINO--WILLIAMS - Signed by Governor on April 7, 2008
Safeguard the public health by updating the statutes governing the treatment and control of tuberculosis in this state to reflect current medical practices.
SB08-022 Children's Basic Health Overexpenditure SANDOVAL--FERRANDINO - Signed by Governor on April 14, 2008
Ensures that children who are eligible for the Children's Basic Health Plan can get coverage and that the program will not be capped.  Upon approval of the governor, authorizes expenditures for the Children's Basic Health Plan to exceed the amount appropriated.

guv525x351w S08-153 Licensing of Home Care Agencies BOYD--FERRANDINO - Signed by Governor on June 5,, 2008
Creates licensing for Home Care Agencies which includes background checks of staff and oversight by the Department of Public Health and Environment.  This legislaiton ensures that seniors are protected from fraud and abuse and that they can rely on safe Home Care Agencies that will assist them in staying in their homes. 

Consumer Pretection/Economic Legislation:
HB08-1216 Consumer Outreach & Education Program
FERRANDINO--ROMER  - Signed by Governor on June 5, 2008
Creates the consumer outreach and education program (program) in the department of regulatory agencies (department) for the purposes of:

  • Informing consumers of their rights regarding regulated professions and occupations;
  • Decreasing regulatory violations; and
  • Ensuring public awareness of consumer protection information available from the department.

Allows the executive director of the department to collect a surcharge on fines from violations related to regulated professions and occupations for transfer to the fund.

HB08-1402 Concerning Additional Protections for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure FERRANDINO & GAGLIARDI--BACON  - Signed by Governor on June 5, 2008
CProvides additional notice requirements by lenders to their consumers before a foreclosure and proceed.  In addition, it provides $100,000 in additional funds to conduct outreach to areas hard hit by foreclosures.  

HB08-1310 Deferred Deposit Loan Transactions FERRANDINO--GROFF - Was killed in the Senate
Changes the allowable finance charges for an initial deferred deposit loan in a 12-month period to $10 for each $100 loaned, up to a maximum charge of $30. Limits the allowable rate of interest to 36% per annum.
Prohibits a lender from making a deferred deposit loan to a consumer who has an outstanding loan with the lender or any other lender. Requires a lender to verify that a consumer does not have an outstanding loan prior to initiating a new loan by accessing a common database.

SB08-030 Increase Delegation Period Pub Security VEIGA--FERRANDINO
Increases the period for which a public entity may delegate to specified officers and members of the public entity the authority to sign a contract for the purchase of securities and to accept a binding bid for the securities from 60 days to one year after adoption of the act of issuance, or such shorter period as specified in the act of issuance.

Criminal Justice Legislation:
HB08-1076 Fees For Copies Criminal Justice Records
FERRANDINO--GORDON  - Signed by Governor on April 14, 2008
Ensures that people have access to their criminal justive records without getting over-charged by agencies.  The bill accomplished this by limiting the fee that a criminal justice agency may charge for a copy of a criminal justice record to 25¢ for a standard page; or the actual cost.
HB08-1082 Sealing Criminal Justice Records FERRANDINO--BACON  - Awaiting Governor Signature
Provides people with a second chance to get a fresh new start on life.  It allows a person to petition the courts to seal their criminal justice records for minor drug offenses after 10 years of completing their sentence.  


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