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Rocky Mountain News, April 14, 2008
A timeout for foreclosures?
State judges would be given the power to halt foreclosure proceedings for 90 days to give mortgage companies and homeowners time to try to work out plans to avoid foreclosure under a bill unveiled Sunday by two state lawmakers.

Denver Post, April 14, 2008
Bill assists struggling homeowners
An extra 90 days would go a long way toward helping bookkeeper Silvia Miranda keep her Thornton home. After a workplace injury last year, Miranda fell two months behind on mortgage payments and now faces foreclosure despite paying her bank $15,000 to make amends, she said Sunday at a news conference announcing legislation.

436063494_t600 Rocky Mountain News, March 20, 2008
Citizen Legislator Profile
Mark Ferrandino has played the trumpet since fourth grade and still performs every year during church services on Easter.   

Rocky Mountain News, March 8, 2008
JOHNSON: 'Stupid mistake' at heart of sealing minor offenses
Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, it would do virtually the same things as last year's bill, only exempting the records of sexual predators and other such violent ...

DENVER POST, February 17, 2008
Editorial: Payday lenders' practices unfair
Back in 2000, the Colorado legislature gave a valuable gift to an industry that specializes in short-term loans. Lawmakers exempted so-called payday lenders from state laws capping interest rates at 45 percent. Payday lending operations exploded in Colorado, and today they charge customers, primarily the working poor, annual interest rates of about 350 percent. A new bill seeks to close that loophole and subject payday lenders to a 36 percent annual rate cap, with a provision for a reasonable loan origination fee. We support the measure.

THE GAZETTE, February 13, 2008
Panel OKs sealing of records
People paying for a mistake they made decades ago might soon get a hand from the Legislature. House Bill 1082, introduced by Rep. Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver, will allow people convicted of certain types of misdemeanors to have their criminal records sealed. The bill also applies to people convicted of felonies for possession of small amounts of drugs.

Colorado's 'Cover all Kids' resolution raises hopes, doubts

Colorado legislators recently introduced a resolution to provide affordable health insurance coverage to all children in the state by 2010, but even supporters question whether it's a realistic goal.

DENVER POST, February 8, 2008
Lawmakers irate over payday rates
"Not even the mob can charge as high of interest rates," said Rep. Mark Ferrandino, a Denver Democrat who announced a bill Thursday that would muzzle the industry. "This legislation will help hardworking men and women in Colorado who are living paycheck to paycheck." 

YOURHUB.com, January 10, 2008
Westwood wins one!
Westwood neighborhood, bounded by West Alameda, South Federal, West Mississippi and South Sheridan is challenged by gangs, guns, graffiti, violence, theft--and since "if it bleeds it leads" Westwood often leads the evening news.  

House Speaker sets committee assignments
The newest members of the House, Reps. Mark Ferrandino, D-Denver; Christine Scanlan, D-Silverthorne; and Debbie Stafford, D-Aurora, were assigned to committees.   Ferrandino, who replaced former Rep. Mike Cerbo, will serve on the business affairs and labor committee, and the state, veterans and military affairs committee. Cerbo resigned from the House last year after he was appointed executive director of the Colorado AFL-CIO. In a released statement, Ferrandino said he was eager to "advance consumer protection and insurance reform." 

DENVER POST,  December 13, 2007
Agency seeks funds to keep consumers aware
The state agency overseeing dozens of professions, from doctors to plumbers, wants $200,000 from the violators it disciplines yearly to warn consumers about scams and hucksters.  The funding mechanism — to be proposed to legislators next session in a bill co-sponsored by Rep. Mark Ferrandino of Denver and Sen. Chris Romer of Jefferson County, both Democrats — could be fines the agency already collects from violators. The alternative is to assess a new public-education fee as part of a violator's punishment, Munn said.

9 NEWS, December 11, 2007
Got an expired gift card? It may still be worth cash
State lawmakers are also eyeing ways to help Colorado consumers when it comes to gift cards. Rep. Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver) is exploring possible legislation to require those who sell gift cards to clearly articulate the rules and fees included with them, much the way retailers highlight return policies. Further, he's looking at preventing any gift card from expiring until at least five years after it's bought.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS, September 21, 207
Successor to Cerbo selected
Mark Ferrandino has become Colorado's first openly gay male legislator after being appointed to replace Rep. Mike Cerbo.  Cerbo, D-Denver, resigned last week to become director of the Colorado AFL-CIO.  Cerbo, who represented District 2, endorsed Ferrandino, calling him an accessible, outgoing and responsive replacement whose experience will help the legislature in its budgeting discussions.


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