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The following are my views on some of the important issues in our State.  If you would like more information about these or any other issues facing our state please contact me.

Every person should have access to affordable and quality health care.  It is unacceptable that Colorado has over 750,000 individuals, or 17% of our population, without health coverage (including 14% of Colorado children).   In addition, we must work to move from a system that treats the sick to a system that keeps people healthy by emphasizing preventative care.  I will work to move our state to a single payer system that will provide health care to all Colorado residents.

Colorado children should have access to a world-class public education system.  Colorado must invest in early childhood education for every child so that our children can start off their education on the right foot.  We must invest resources in K-12 education and encourage innovation within the public schools and ensure that we are preparing our children for college.  We need to ensure that all people have access to affordable higher education.  We must also ensure that we provide lifelong education opportunities for the people of Colorado.  


I will work to make sure Colorado’s economy is strong and is a leader in renewable energy.    I will work to ensure that all Coloradans have access to jobs that pay a living wage and fight for Colorado workers so that they have a real voice in the workplace.  I will continue to fight for consumers by adocating against predatory lending, including payday lending.  I will be a strong adovate for the workers of our district to fight to ensure they have the resources to get ahead in life and to reach their potential.  I will work to fight against the right to work initiative that limits the ability of workers to organize and fight for just pay and benefits.

I will work to provide affordable housing for the people in Colorado.   We must ensure that working families in Colorado can find housing in all areas of our State.  In addition, if redevelopment occurs in an area, people should have the ability to stay in the communities they have lived in for many years.


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