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HB 10-1010 - Expand Public Private Partnerships - This bill would make it easier for non-profits to partner with the State government to provide services.

HB 10-1068 -  White and Yellow Pages Delivery -  This bill would create an opt-in for phonebooks, so that companies could not deliver a book to a person in Colorado who did not request to receive one.

HB 10-1119 - SMART Government Act - This bill will expand on strategic planning, and implement performance based budgeting in State Government.  The bill is the State Measurements for Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent Government, making Colorado one of the Smartest state governments in our country.

HB 10-1120 - No Sale of Graffiti Materials to Minors - This bill prohibits a person other than a parent or legal guardian from furnishing a minor with graffiti materials without the written consent of the minor's parent or legal guardian. Graffiti materials include aerosol paint containers, broad-tipped markers, or paint sticks. The bill creates a new unclassified misdemeanor offense for anyone who violates the prohibition. Retail stores that sell such items are required to post signs with specified language in the area where the items are sold and at the checkout area. 
- This bill was defeated in Judiciary Committee by a 6-4 vote.

HB 10-1240 - Residential Foreclosure Deferments - The bill clarifies House Bill 09-1276, passed by the general assembly last year, that established a 90-day foreclosure deferment period for eligible borrowers.

HB 10-1351 - Deferred Deposit Loan Interest Rate -  This bill would refer a question to the 2010 ballot to ask votes if Payday Lenders should be allowed to charge over 300% interest, or capped at 36%.

HB 10-1401 - Information Technology Transparency -  This bill will require audits and reporting by the State Internet Portal Authority to ensure that our State's technology dollars are being spent wisely.

Budget Balancing Bills:
Revenue Options:

HB 10-1194 - Elimination of Nonessential Articles Sales Tax Exemption - bill eliminates the sales and use tax exemption for articles, containers, and bags that are provided without a separate charge to a consumer of food, meals, or beverages, if it is nonessential to the purchase and becomes the personal property of the customer. The storage of nonessential articles, containers, and bags given to consumers at no additional charge will also be subject to the sales and use tax.

HB 10-1195 - Suspend Agriculture Sales and Use Tax Exemption - bill temporarily suspends the sales and use tax exemption for the sale or storage, use, or consumption of agricultural compounds used in caring for livestock, semen for agricultural and ranching purposes, and pesticides for use in the production of agricultural and livestock products. The exemption is suspended through the end of FY 2012-13.

HB 10-1196 - Eliminate Certain Cars Qualified for Tax Credit -  bill reduces the number of years in which the purchase of certain types of these vehicles are eligible for the credit from both the 2010 and 2011 tax years to only 2010.

HB 10-1197 - Reduce Conservation Easement Cap Amount - the bill caps at $26 million annually the total amount of conservation easement income tax credits that may be claimed for tax years 2011, 2012, and 2013.

HB 10-1198 - Suspend Credit for Alternative Minimum Tax - this bill suspends Colorado's alternative minimum tax (AMT) and the credit against the state income tax equal to 12 percent of the federal prior year minimum tax credit claimed on the federal income tax form.
- This bill was defeated in the Finance committee due to technical problem.

HB 10-1199 - Net Operation Loss Deduction Temporary Limit - Under current law, a corporation may reduce its Colorado taxable income by carrying forward its net operating loss (NOL). This bill limits the amount of NOL that may be carried forward to $250,000.



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